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SVG 00 (Circle Light), free download and editable

00 SVG free, optimized and editable. Change the colors to fit your needs. Download the file for your document. Copy the code to integrate it on your website. This image can be used for all purposes (Web, Canva, Abode Illustrator, Sketch, Cricut and more...).

SVG Settings of 00 (Circle Light)



Website Settings of 00 (Circle Light)

Hexadecimal color, linear-gradient, radial-gradient

Code HTML of 00 (Circle Light)

Code Django of 00 (Circle Light)

Documentation of Snoweb SVG

Find in detail all the technical information to integrate our SVG library.

HTML documentation

It makes it easy to add and configure color themes in HTML of SVGs. The documentation also explains how to use animations.

See the documentation

Django documentation

Guides you to install the library and read an SVG in it. And explains you how to configure CSS files with Django.

See the documentation

Wagtail documentation

This documentation explains how to integrate the library in Wagtail. But also how to add a SVG in a Wagtail block.

See the documentation

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is possible. You can include on your HTML page the CSS system files and then copy the code of the elements from the SVG library.

Yes, it is possible. It is the same procedure as HTML. You must then convert the code of the elements of the library with for example React Svgr.

Yes, it is possible. Snoweb SVG is open source and all SVGs are present in the Github directory. A procedure is explained in the documentation how to add a collection and an SVG. We can also add them for you.

Snoweb SVG has 2 CSS files. A file for themes which is 169 bytes. Another file for animations which is 340 bytes.

The animations are developed with CSS. No javascript code is used.