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Snoweb SVG is an open source library designed for developers and for efficient and optimized websites.

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Current icon libraries are not optimized

"Web developer for 3 years, I am often forced to optimize web pages for SEO. I have tested many icon libraries. A large majority of them load a large file. On a web page, developers rarely, if ever, use the whole library, so why load all the font unnecessarily and slow down the page loading? Users don't want to wait. With Snoweb SVG, no font, we only load CSS and SVG systems on the page."

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Alexis Le Baron

Snoweb SVG Creator

A complete SVG library

Add separators between blocks or patterns. All the SVGs in the library are optimized to make your web pages load even faster!


An SVG library designed by and for developers

SVGs allow great flexibility on the display and animation of icons while keeping a light and optimized file.


Each SVG in the library is available to be used on both dark and light themes. This change of theme is done either automatically with the prefers-color-scheme, or manually with a CSS class.


It is possible to define a graphic style on SVGs. Currently, there is the glassmorphism which is in place and which allows to add an ice effect. The graphic styles can be defined from the SVG library.


Test your settings on the website so that they apply to the SVGs. Change the colors, the theme or their appearance. The code for each icon updates with the new settings. Then you just have to copy the code.


An SVG library for Django developers

The library has a Python module that makes it easy to use with Django and Wagtail.

With Wagtail, import SVGs into a database. This action allows you to select them in one click from the admin when creating a web page.

SVG collections for all blocks

Discover the numerous SVG collections developed by Snoweb.

Do you need an SVG collection?

We create and add SVGs on demand in the library.
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Yes, it is possible. You can include on your HTML page the CSS system files and then copy the code of the elements from the SVG library.

Yes, it is possible. It is the same procedure as HTML. You must then convert the code of the elements of the library with for example React Svgr.

Yes, it is possible. Snoweb SVG is open source and all SVGs are present in the Github directory. A procedure is explained in the documentation how to add a collection and an SVG. We can also add them for you.

Yes, it is possible. Snoweb SVG allows you to add graphic styles on all SVGs. There is currently only glassmorphism available. You can create a ticket on Github to discuss the implementation.

Snoweb SVG has 2 CSS files. A file for themes which is 169 bytes. Another file for animations which is 340 bytes.

The animations are developed with CSS. No javascript code is used.

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